We are travelers, not tourists. We like to see places, but also delve deeper into the mind of the people and their culture. We know that experiences create indelible memories, not photos, but we take some good shots anyway. We travel light, and we don’t mind trying something new because we can always get a burger.

Our philosophy is simple: Be original.

If you're taking a trip make it a memorable one--halfway around the globe in the enchanting island of Sri Lanka. Travel in the utmost comfort and luxury, and have an authentic, fulfilling experience, which you will always cherish.

Skiz’s Original specializes in premium guided tours of Sri Lanka for the discerning traveler. Our 10-day excursion takes you around the island from secluded southern beaches to the lush green central highlands. Along the way you stay in the most magnificent boutique hotels, experiencing the hospitality for which Sri Lanka is famous. Relax and enjoy, as you gain a greater appreciation for the art, architecture, literature, history, music, food, and culture of a paradise that few have the pleasure of knowing. That's what we call an original vacation.